My name is Lazaro (Laz) Diaz and I am a Network Engineer with many years in the field and the teaching industry.

I have extensive experience in teaching in the brick-and-mortar which stems from teaching at institutions like Palm Beach Community College, New Horizons, Florida Career College (now Anthem College), and The Academy of South Florida, not to mention that I also do private consulting.

If you do a simple GOOGLE search, you will see that I am in several eLearning Platforms worldwide, including my own,

However, my expertise doesn't just come from that ...NO, siree!

It also comes from teaching applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access & the Navigation, and understanding operating systems or OS.

You should also know that I am an author and have written two (2) technical books.

Just hop on over to AMAZON, and search for my books there:

1.   The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!
2.   CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Certification Guide

As you can see, I am a multifaceted person and consider myself an eternal student.

Remember that I, too, must keep up with technology since these changes seem to be happening daily, if not hourly, to continue to be a great educator.

However, you should know that I teach in a non-traditional manner that allows students to enjoy, retain and understand the subject matter much better and, therefore, prepare them for a beautiful future.

If things are kept simple and straight to the point, students will grasp and learn each concept better, therefore giving them a high likelihood of attaining their goal.

My classes are very interactive and highly will not find my lectures monotone or boring;  because falling asleep, for lack of excitement, is NOT an option... and NOT who I am.

Need convincing?

Then look for yourself at my FREE video previews, which I always provide on ALL my courses.

I genuinely hope that you join our team and consider learning from the best! May your future be bright! ?

Laz Diaz
Network Engineer, Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA Instructor,
Author & Motivational Evangelist