Cisco CCNA Multiple Practice Labs + BGP

This a multiple topics practice lab for Cisco's CCNA certification exam or real world

Course Summary

This course will give you a hands-on practice for those that want to practice their knowledge & skills to get ready for their certification exam or even in the field.

The course will let you practice the following:

  1. Switchport Security
  2. Creating & Assigning Vlans
  3. Spanning-tree
  4. Administrative Commands
  5. SSH Configurations
  6. Trunking Ports
  7. Verifying & Configuring IP addresses
  8. Named ACCESS-List
  9. Configuring BGP

Practicing with this multiple labs course will enhance a student's ability to become familiar with what they should expect in their certification exam.
This will also help those in the field that may be a little rusty in configuring some of these protocols.

DISCLAIMER:Please note that the simulators/emulators used in this course are not part of the course. It is the students responsibility to have these to practice with. The Cisco Packet Tracer and/or VIRAL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab) are Cisco proprietary software and can only be obtained through Cisco. It is up to each student to obtain the simulator/emulator of their choice to study along with this course. Students have other options like GNS3, BOSOM or Live Equipment.

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