Network+, CCNA & CCNP Video Collections Part 1

This video collections course will prepare you ready for a certification exam and/or real world Networking fundamentals!

Course Summary

VIDEO COLLECTIONS ARE HERE!  These self-paced video collection bundles were made for those that need specific information to prepare for their Network+, CCNA, and/or CCNP certifications.  As you go through your studies, you might need to get a better understanding of different topics and that's where these video lectures will come in handy.

These lectures will be grouped in bundles or what we call "collections" and you can decide which set of bundles or collections you would like to access.  Everyone learns at a different pace & these video collections were meant to give the individual access to the bundle they need.  In these Video Collection bundles, you can choose which collection you want to purchase individually and get only the ones that cover the topics you need!  This is to make sure that you get access to the topics that interest you and not every single topic available.  

This is a more customized way of giving you access to topics of your choice.  And it's a great and affordable way of purchasing individual video collections one at a time to suit your individual needs! You choose with COLLECTION you want and just pay for that set.  [Video Collections are a set of video lectures grouped together to create one (1) collection] Each "COLLECTION' is sold individually. This is so you can choose which set of collections you want to purchase which makes it very affordable for anyone to study for their certification exam or just to acquire the knowledge they need for a specific topic.  

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  • Network+, CCNA & CCNP Video Collections - Part 1
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