New Cisco CCNA (200-301) Volume 1: The Complete Course

Everything you need for Volume 1 of the Cisco Press Book for the new CCNA!

Course Summary

I created this course for those that may just need to go over the Volume 1 part of the Cisco Press Book to explain and make it easier for students to comprehend the subjects and topics within.

This Volume 1 course for the Cisco's NEW CCNA (200-301) was purposely made for those of you that just need to cover enough of Volume 1 to be able to transition into Volume 2 without a problem.

Remember that this is totally different than my DELUXE course for the NEW CCNA (200-301), because it is meant for those that need to get their certification and do not care about a detailed and much extensive explanation of the topics and subjects covered.

Please keep in mind that this course will NOT be like other courses on other eLearning platforms since here on, I will be adding lectures and updating the course.

That is something that you will NOT get and/or receive in any other platform. However, this course will give you the necessary information to be able to understand, apply and get you ready to be CCNA certified!

Remember that there is a Volume 2 for those that need it and prefer to learn in a manner that follows the Cisco Press Books.  

Course Curriculum

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