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Let's revolutionize the educational industry together & provide FREE education to those in need!

Why are we raising money for education?

GlobED has a vision of genuinely educating and training everyone who seeks a career without giving them a financial burden.

Our goal is to provide FREE education and training to include preparing to students for an industry specific certification to anyone seeking a career in IT!

And if you help me make this vision a reality, we will take the initiative and be the MAVERICKS in providing our children, young adults, the unemployed, those returning to civilian life, and maybe even YOU, with a fighting chance to compete for a good-paying job and/or career in the real world.

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If everyone pitches in for this nobel cause, you will be part of the solution to fix our educational system.

When visiting our GoFundMe page,, and read OUR MISSION STATEMEN to understand what is our VISION for EDUCATION.

I need your help to achieve this, so please consider donating any amount "big or small" will go along way since if everyone helps to the cause, we will make a difference...and who knows...YOU or someone you know might be one of the beneficiaries to our program.